Things You Can Think but You Cannot Say


Just thinking what you want to say might sound absurd to others, yes because they are very vocal about everything. But not everything has the capacity to be as vocal to every detail what someone thinks.

Have you ever had something to think but you just can’t say? I know you do, no one is exempted as it is a mere fact that no one is perfect. Where does this lead us? Could it be that confidence and self-esteem play a major role to the foundation of being so blunt and honest?

Can people be so honest regardless of the outcome or the consequence? How do they react once they are heard? Thinking for me is like a fear that you cannot pass through without having so much  to travel but the blunder and agony of what may or might be the reaction.

Leave it with the non-verbal cues? I doubt because from the years to come it has already been an old fashioned way of acting what you think. Dig deeper if you can resolute certain things you can say after thinking twice or thrice.

All is well by just thinking this or that without saying because it beneficially saves a certain level of friendship, family relationship, certain ties and all. As the common quote says “if you have nothing good to say it’s better to shut up”

It is what it is,and we have certain things we need to accept that it only ends there. Who knows the chosen silence that what you think may have save a thousand bad consequences it could have dealt but the irony is what if you did say and yet it made a single difference that could make you a million times happier.

Think. Thinking. Thoughts. Things. Silence.