A Young Dabawenyo’s Perspective in Business


When we talk about business during the regime of the old and vintage it has always been the adults and their opinions that have given the authority to rule their own decisions with or without the right feasibility study to prove that such suggestion or idea can lead to a successive path. Nowadays we speak of the younger generation delving to the idea that business can be handled by the younger ones at the expense of proper study, the right connection and impulsive marketing.

Being a Dabawenyo I am always proud of my roots because of the fact that Davao, my home is not only rich with its resources but by the presence of skilful and knowledgeable people who are ready to adhere changes and uplift the economy of the once sleeping giant in the south.

In the former years where we are only known as the food basket in the whole nation, the landscape has change to a brighter view since tourism and a mouthful of investors have been trusting to Davao’s capacity to handle the investments they have poured in. As pure Dabawenyo’s who have been doing business in our humble city, I have seen the growth and improvement not only in our infrastructure but also the peace and order stability of our city.

In this significant proof I have ruled out that business is doing great because the agricultural sector of our city are eyeing global export through linkages of our BIMP-EAGA partnership which will make Davao truly an economy to be competitive and progressive while staying with the atmosphere of an ideal home in which we are part of the world’s most liveable cities. A pact to my home is that being in Davao a young blood like me will be loyal and helpful to our rising economy for the future of every Dabawenyo.


Separate Lives


I love the cliche that saying we love hello’s and we hate goodbyes is very much true. The fact that I was saying how time would definitely outrun my fears of reaching the day that I would say a third goodbye. The day of the arrival of my sister and his husband is so much exciting to hear yet fearful of the last day that they would say goodbye.


The bonding and thrills, becoming the instant dad, sometimes fetching them or drop them to school, get their school cards, and attend their events as well as teach them their lessons.

I was sure I am not ready to start my own family, but with my nieces and nephew I guess fatherhood is a good job for me.hahaha!


I am happy with them, that no matter how busy I am with my schedule and helping the family business, I would manage my time to cook and watch a movie with them, I guess that was the advantage of having the luxury of your own projector at home.


Life is at all filled with so much mystery that no matter how content the abundance is given to us, every individual has its own dreams and aspirations. We live not in poverty, but more than the average yet with the financial controversies spawning the country so much has been damage to the workers and we ought to goal for a greener pasture. I understood this because of my sister, that having a family is never easy but so much inspiring to strive with your best for them to have the greatness in life.


Until the last day came, and I took this picture out of my emotion, looking far and seeing them go. I wish I could not cry, I felt that I should not, but no matter how hard I wanted it to be the tears kept falling and I was already sobbing. I love them much, but for a better life, sacrifices should always be done.

It’s temporary anyway. I hope they would reach their dreams for it is more reachable the moment they step in their new abode. Deep in my heart I pray the time that I would visit them, the smiles on my face would trace a living memory of how happiness is always there just a plane a way. This is dedicated to my pamangkins, sister and bro-in-law. I love you all…

Money is Sweet, Life is Sweeter

One dollar, Two Dollars, Three - Why is My Money Disappearing so Quickly

As the days of the Lent end, it was a time for us to reflect and divulge ourselves the sacrifices the ultimate being has done for us, with the penitence each of us render it is for you to realize the goodness of life. Upon reading a graduation speech of the Chairman Emeritus MVP or aka Manny Pangilinan for the Atenean graduates, a short and concise talk that struck me quoting that “Money is great, sweet, and a goal for success, but nobody is successful when there is no meaning implied. Life equates meaning.

Nobody is a hypocrite, money is a want to buy a need therefore it is also a need, never will it be evil if we put meaning to the money. Money earned not wasted but given the meaning of life. Spending wisely for everyone we love. Sharing it, we can never bring them to our graves. I had always been a money seeker it is my goal. however what would its soul purpose be? if not to have a sweet life.

Bitter things come and go, those are trials that makes the life sweeter, everything is temporary but make every temporary a meaningful journey that is lead by a life guided by the Lord. Happy Easter to everyone! Remember Money is sweet but life is sweeter… Find the meaning… and Act the meaning… God bless…

Changes Made by Time

We were not so sure of the changes we had for the past years of our existence but aside from the physical changes we can see from ourselves and to the people around us. We become mature in some aspects of our life, though not perfectly, but does it also tend to be choosy with our friends, that to once in our life became a part of us? We must admit we are busy persons, very busy persons but beyond those days of romance, business, schooling,work and all we always had time to whom we call a true friend.

It would be surreal to believe that this can be possible, when times would not allow our busy schedule. Nevertheless when we find our ways to pave the way of having the time to go.
Gone were the days of trippin and laughin. Gone were the days of giggles and cheers. Gone were the days and the memories that will somehow fade with time. The changes, changes drawn by time, a word most constant in description but brings the most changes in the lives of everyone.