Changes Made by Time

We were not so sure of the changes we had for the past years of our existence but aside from the physical changes we can see from ourselves and to the people around us. We become mature in some aspects of our life, though not perfectly, but does it also tend to be choosy with our friends, that to once in our life became a part of us? We must admit we are busy persons, very busy persons but beyond those days of romance, business, schooling,work and all we always had time to whom we call a true friend.

It would be surreal to believe that this can be possible, when times would not allow our busy schedule. Nevertheless when we find our ways to pave the way of having the time to go.
Gone were the days of trippin and laughin. Gone were the days of giggles and cheers. Gone were the days and the memories that will somehow fade with time. The changes, changes drawn by time, a word most constant in description but brings the most changes in the lives of everyone.



2 thoughts on “Changes Made by Time

  1. this is nice post. i agree with you. thanks for sharing your thought with us.

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