Money is Sweet, Life is Sweeter

One dollar, Two Dollars, Three - Why is My Money Disappearing so Quickly

As the days of the Lent end, it was a time for us to reflect and divulge ourselves the sacrifices the ultimate being has done for us, with the penitence each of us render it is for you to realize the goodness of life. Upon reading a graduation speech of the Chairman Emeritus MVP or aka Manny Pangilinan for the Atenean graduates, a short and concise talk that struck me quoting that “Money is great, sweet, and a goal for success, but nobody is successful when there is no meaning implied. Life equates meaning.

Nobody is a hypocrite, money is a want to buy a need therefore it is also a need, never will it be evil if we put meaning to the money. Money earned not wasted but given the meaning of life. Spending wisely for everyone we love. Sharing it, we can never bring them to our graves. I had always been a money seeker it is my goal. however what would its soul purpose be? if not to have a sweet life.

Bitter things come and go, those are trials that makes the life sweeter, everything is temporary but make every temporary a meaningful journey that is lead by a life guided by the Lord. Happy Easter to everyone! Remember Money is sweet but life is sweeter… Find the meaning… and Act the meaning… God bless…


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