A Center of Excellence



     Davao being the premier city of the south has not only change in the landscape of infrastructure and business investments notably this city is not only progressing in the sector of politics and private firms but becoming the melting pot of a mixed culture who wanted excellent standards in education as universities have been slowly growing its population with students coming from the nearby provinces.


    For the past years the colleges and universities have been perfecting their curriculum while also adding new courses that can be a good option for every individual who want to be professionals in their chosen fields.


     Naming some of the schools that are very familiar to the society include Ateneo de Davao University, Philippine Women’s College of Davao, University of Mindanao, Holy Cross College of Davao, Davao Doctors College, San Pedro College, University of the Immaculate Concepcion and many more. The schools whom you thought would not offer the course you wanted because it turned out to be a school for health professionals have been transcending to courses that are much in demand such as HRM and Seafarers.


     The varying demands have allowed the schools to focus on the needs of the young dreamers for them to succeed in their endeavours and become the leaders or contributors that can initiate a great impact of progress not only for themselves, but for the whole country.


     Gladly the teachers have been well provided in their needs the same with the students to have a more conducive environment in learning their subjects by ensuring new infrastructures that can cater the needs of the students including air conditioned classrooms, visual projectors, and big halls to accommodate the whole population with seminars on improvement to whatever course they belong.


     Now parents would need not worry in the education that schools in Davao can provide for they no longer necessitate to go to Manila since the center of excellence is already been here all along ready to accommodate the needs of the young Mindanawon’s in fulfilling their goals and actualizing their dreams for better life and a brighter future.




Greener and Richer



     Mining has been the gargantuan investment to hit most of the provinces of Mindanao yet Davao has stayed in the foray of agriculture, export, and many other industrial businesses to cater the growth of the metro city of the south. The city has proven its capacity to earn much without the need for mining as the reserves of the goldmines of Davao as suggested by the vice-mayor will be for the future of the locals, at the same time the whole city should benefit the income from such money generating mineral.

     Considering that mining is a reserved investment it’s good to know that Davao has been very impulsive in promoting the greener practices to preserve the environment and its people. Upon knowing that our city mayor is eager to develop together with the councilors in looking into the options of the waste to energy plant suggested by a German firm is such a relief because again and again we can maintain the cleanliness of Davao which is found to be incomparable to our neighboring cities.

     The urbanization and the increase of the population is the signal that long term remedies to solid waste are addressed in a macro scale. In this technology the desired goal is to recycle and conversion, so waste from the households can be converted through energy since the solid waste generates methane emissions that can be transformed to electricity. Looking at this scenario is a win-win for both parties as waste is decreased and reinforce to something useful for the whole city however this cannot be done without the participation of everyone so the strict measures of CENRO should be followed in garbage segregation as biodegradable waste are the only ones that can be used for the machine to secrete methane gas. Along with these developments the rich resources are reserved for the future while the green practices will make the future of the city cleaner and livable.


Industrialization Speaks Job Generation



     As the era of industrialization have been free flowing to Davao, majority of its people will be showered to a bunch of job opportunities that deals in the different sectors in the city. Starting with manufacturing as Nissin will be making their very first plant, the field of construction for the development of malls, condominium and hotels, and the biggest investment of the Aboitiz Corporation for their contribution of more energy loads with their coal power plant.

     Knowing these facts not only helps our fellow Dabawenyo’s but it creates investors confidence to the foreign ones who would like a taste of the golden treasures of Davao as the sector of agriculture continues to flourish for a continues supply to the neighbouring countries of Japan, Middle east, and China. The symbols of progress will intensify the city’s ranking to a higher pace accompanied by good governance and a community of people who work in harmony and growth.

     Even though industrialization has taken entry to our humble city, people have maintained the beautiful festivities and cultural practices that made Davao unique in many traits which have allowed promoting our tourism that have made the city generate more income.

     It’s not the first though since in the past some industrial plants have been here for quite some time just like the Bacnotan Cement plant that was taken over by Holcim Philippines, RDL pharmaceutical laboratory and many others that have trusted in Davao’s resources and peaceful negotiations.

     Now with a million population the graduates and the future professionals will have a big room for job applications that will give security to their needs. The future of every Dabawenyo takes pride in this bountiful city that has been envied by many with its richness. Everyone is welcome to invest or work here in Davao.


New Beginnings


     Taking a gaze back of the events that happened for 2011 creates a mixed emotion to all of us. From the catastrophic moments of the Matina Aplaya flood, demolition of houses for the informal settlers, fires in different barangays, Panama Disease that may kill the banana export and a thousand deaths from the victims of the Sendong typhoon in Cagayan and Ilagan.

     True enough it is a sad story for our brothers in Mindanao but it’s not everything that happened because the tragedies and unprecedented phenomenon’s creates a reaction to the majority where the virtue of hope is the solution for new beginnings.

     Looking at the bright side for Davao and Mindanao it has shown outstanding growth as the management of the local government especially with the leadership of Mayor Inday Sara and Vice-Mayor Rody Duterte, the confidence of investors to pour in their money for Mindanao’s growth have been abrupt in which sudden changes in the city can be seen. Starting with the Ayala-Floirendo Abreeza Mall, SM Ecoland Expansion, SM Lanang, Aboitiz Power Plant, D’Leonor Inland Resort and a bunch of local investors have been constructing Hotels as the tourists are taking a look at the beauty and richness of Davao.

     The industrialization of Davao marks a signal in the south that Mindanao will be booming more this year 2012 because resources are utilize at its best for development and income generation in lieu to the mining industry that has been a billion dollar investment that will keep our economy a boost. Let those sad memories of the past year be left behind while sighting for greener pasteur as new challenges for gains and rebirth will be around.

Who’s who in Pinpointing faults



The tragic moments of December 9th of 2011 have been an incident no one wanted to happen. A cry of panic with the people whom ran and brought what they can only bring to safe keep their lives and their valuable things but sadly the fire have been fierce and large. Almost all of the houses near the riverside of Magallanes in barangay 1-A has been burned out to think it’s almost Christmas.


Finding the person responsible for such incident is no longer an option to find blame because what’s left of the houses was ash and dirt. Reaching more than sixty houses and around three hundred individuals were victims of the raging fire. Can you find fault in any of them? It may be an accident but it could have been saved if prevention and the necessary fire safety education have been taught to everyone in this community.


The firemen and all paramedics were fast and ready for action until the fire was out but it was delayed due to the inability to penetrate entirely in the scene of the fire due to the houses who were very much close to the road and so it was hard for the firemen to allow the truck to enter and be more responsive in the elimination of fire.


I truly believe that it is not a sin being born impoverished but anyone in this world is responsible to make gains for oneself so that you should not be dependent amongst charity or whatever donation given, before you can at least find a new home that is safe from this kind of situation. Having to live in much closed spaces with house materials made out of wood will be a hazard not only to you but the whole neighbourhood. It is up to you to find ways how to relocate yourself no matter how far you are from urban grounds yet living in rural places will be a key to your safety then it will be a good compromise.


Remember the local government did not fail to address your needs the same with the fire troops who have sworn for their lives for the civilians safety so make yourself responsible and don’t find faults because everyone can be the victim or the suspect at the same time.