Separate Lives


I love the cliche that saying we love hello’s and we hate goodbyes is very much true. The fact that I was saying how time would definitely outrun my fears of reaching the day that I would say a third goodbye. The day of the arrival of my sister and his husband is so much exciting to hear yet fearful of the last day that they would say goodbye.


The bonding and thrills, becoming the instant dad, sometimes fetching them or drop them to school, get their school cards, and attend their events as well as teach them their lessons.

I was sure I am not ready to start my own family, but with my nieces and nephew I guess fatherhood is a good job for me.hahaha!


I am happy with them, that no matter how busy I am with my schedule and helping the family business, I would manage my time to cook and watch a movie with them, I guess that was the advantage of having the luxury of your own projector at home.


Life is at all filled with so much mystery that no matter how content the abundance is given to us, every individual has its own dreams and aspirations. We live not in poverty, but more than the average yet with the financial controversies spawning the country so much has been damage to the workers and we ought to goal for a greener pasture. I understood this because of my sister, that having a family is never easy but so much inspiring to strive with your best for them to have the greatness in life.


Until the last day came, and I took this picture out of my emotion, looking far and seeing them go. I wish I could not cry, I felt that I should not, but no matter how hard I wanted it to be the tears kept falling and I was already sobbing. I love them much, but for a better life, sacrifices should always be done.

It’s temporary anyway. I hope they would reach their dreams for it is more reachable the moment they step in their new abode. Deep in my heart I pray the time that I would visit them, the smiles on my face would trace a living memory of how happiness is always there just a plane a way. This is dedicated to my pamangkins, sister and bro-in-law. I love you all…


Money is Sweet, Life is Sweeter

One dollar, Two Dollars, Three - Why is My Money Disappearing so Quickly

As the days of the Lent end, it was a time for us to reflect and divulge ourselves the sacrifices the ultimate being has done for us, with the penitence each of us render it is for you to realize the goodness of life. Upon reading a graduation speech of the Chairman Emeritus MVP or aka Manny Pangilinan for the Atenean graduates, a short and concise talk that struck me quoting that “Money is great, sweet, and a goal for success, but nobody is successful when there is no meaning implied. Life equates meaning.

Nobody is a hypocrite, money is a want to buy a need therefore it is also a need, never will it be evil if we put meaning to the money. Money earned not wasted but given the meaning of life. Spending wisely for everyone we love. Sharing it, we can never bring them to our graves. I had always been a money seeker it is my goal. however what would its soul purpose be? if not to have a sweet life.

Bitter things come and go, those are trials that makes the life sweeter, everything is temporary but make every temporary a meaningful journey that is lead by a life guided by the Lord. Happy Easter to everyone! Remember Money is sweet but life is sweeter… Find the meaning… and Act the meaning… God bless…

Changes Made by Time

We were not so sure of the changes we had for the past years of our existence but aside from the physical changes we can see from ourselves and to the people around us. We become mature in some aspects of our life, though not perfectly, but does it also tend to be choosy with our friends, that to once in our life became a part of us? We must admit we are busy persons, very busy persons but beyond those days of romance, business, schooling,work and all we always had time to whom we call a true friend.

It would be surreal to believe that this can be possible, when times would not allow our busy schedule. Nevertheless when we find our ways to pave the way of having the time to go.
Gone were the days of trippin and laughin. Gone were the days of giggles and cheers. Gone were the days and the memories that will somehow fade with time. The changes, changes drawn by time, a word most constant in description but brings the most changes in the lives of everyone.


Starting From Scratch


From successful businessmen and professionals, eventually they all started from scratch. Being taught young and having life experiences are proportionate to either success or failure.

A person has always the choice, and with that path he chose will be reflecting his future. I for one have sacrificed a lot, almost took out my life like the enjoyments of a Saturday night, a game play of RPG and game consoles. Things fit for the young. However, starting so young took a burnout of all the fun things I wish I had experienced.

Though I don’t question the events that happened in my life. I am glad that being able to experience life struggles will be the best feeling you can achieve while you are still young. You will have the discipline, patience and whatever virtues, teachings that are lectured to us by our parents it will always be in your heart and mind.

During my elementary days I never had the chance to be in a life of luxury and so I learned to be thrifty and resourceful. During my school days I had the time to cook and sell some candies for my classmates and at the same time study hard to make my parents proud. It was such a moment for me to graduate with honors while simultaneously selling for extra money. From then on every centavo counts because money is so hard to earn but very much easy to spend.
It did not stop me when I entered high school because I still sell some candies and baked goods like brownies, butterscotch and bread which I learned to bake with my sister. Though my subjects where a little complex I was able to get high grades but without the honors, damn! Mathematics is just too much for me and it destroys my average grade. During the senior year it was a life event that allowed me to lift my self-esteem by joining a singing contest with my friend and though we did not win, being a 1st runner up is not bad.

In fact I became more confident with myself and lifted my spirits in cloud nine. It adds up to my entrepreneurial ability to sell my products. I am not shy to sell to other classrooms and at the same time I needed the money. Sometimes I become envious with my rich friends and classmates and imagined the things if I could have what they had and so I became constructive and dreamed of becoming rich someday.

College life started that became so hard in my part because I took a course I love but did not love me back and I was easily disappointed and shifted but still I continued to sell to my classmates because being an entrepreneur is innate to me. When I shifted to my new course which was nursing, in my third year that we need to do a return demonstration really gave me the scare. For me it was the most challenging thing in my life because when you don’t love doing it, it becomes terribly difficult and though I thought of quitting its too late and go back for a new course. Gladly I graduated and passed, but my life did not end there because I did not practice my profession but it became an instrument to dealing with people.

Now I started a very small business, thanks to my parents especially to my dad who was very open and supportive to my ideals and plans. I never thought I would come this far, without having the capital and starting from one machine to almost fifteen machines with different functions to service the needs of people here in Davao. From a single proprietor to a corporation, a small buyer to a silver and gold patronage awardee in just four years is a milestone carved in history of our cooperative, a game changer. I hope this does not stop here because I have so much plans and goals in my life. The printing business, and the paper eventually made my title so literal and so I started from scratch and not a scratch paper…

Things You Can Think but You Cannot Say


Just thinking what you want to say might sound absurd to others, yes because they are very vocal about everything. But not everything has the capacity to be as vocal to every detail what someone thinks.

Have you ever had something to think but you just can’t say? I know you do, no one is exempted as it is a mere fact that no one is perfect. Where does this lead us? Could it be that confidence and self-esteem play a major role to the foundation of being so blunt and honest?

Can people be so honest regardless of the outcome or the consequence? How do they react once they are heard? Thinking for me is like a fear that you cannot pass through without having so much  to travel but the blunder and agony of what may or might be the reaction.

Leave it with the non-verbal cues? I doubt because from the years to come it has already been an old fashioned way of acting what you think. Dig deeper if you can resolute certain things you can say after thinking twice or thrice.

All is well by just thinking this or that without saying because it beneficially saves a certain level of friendship, family relationship, certain ties and all. As the common quote says “if you have nothing good to say it’s better to shut up”

It is what it is,and we have certain things we need to accept that it only ends there. Who knows the chosen silence that what you think may have save a thousand bad consequences it could have dealt but the irony is what if you did say and yet it made a single difference that could make you a million times happier.

Think. Thinking. Thoughts. Things. Silence.