Castaneda Printing Press Inc.



     It started as a dream, before I realized that Printing is a gold mine not to be underestimated. I Ramil Jacob M. Castañeda would like to acknowledge the Father of Printing In the Mindanao Region and founder of PIADI, Mr. Inocencio S. Malones the owner of the number one printing press, GIMA Printing Corporation your enthusiastic and hardworking spirit is left on my heart to strive and bring back what we have begun years ago.

     I was young back then and never had any idea what printing is I had the feeling of something that I might be an incarnate of my late grandfather where lolo “Inos” had a candy factory before having a printing press yet he was able to learn. I too adapted his style and learn much through experience.

     It is truly not in born but learned and inculcated in our hearts and minds how interested we are in the business.  Now, that we were given a chance, a new breed is born, GIMASONS as we call ourselves, we shall return.  


     Castañeda Printing Press, was established last October 22, 2009 with it’s plant operations located at Magallanes Riverside, Davao City and a satellite office located at Door 5 RNC/Castañeda Bldg. J.P. Laurel Ave., Bajada, Davao City.  

     The Printing Press aims to deliver a new trend in the field as it introduces an all-in-one printing line that cater the different areas in printing such as the commercial offset machines for long run services or digital duplicators and digital press to cater the short run services. It also offers the silkscreen printing method for shirts and other printing medium including plastic, styrofoam and many more.

     Lastly, the new advertising leader which is the Tarpaulin machine is also accepted here which is good for business establishments and events.  

     In this form the customers are given the relaxing feeling and no stress for searching different printing establishments to print their needs.  


Equality on Quantity and Quality, Aiming New Heights for the Finest in Printing Reproduction.  


To become a leading player in the printing industry, focusing the Mindanao Region by delivering the best quality and using the optimal knowledge and technological advantage of our machines and staff.


1. To maintain the quality of the printing outputs.

2. To strive for excellence in all printing fields.  

3. To support good relationships with the customers and other business partners.


Industrialization Speaks Job Generation



     As the era of industrialization have been free flowing to Davao, majority of its people will be showered to a bunch of job opportunities that deals in the different sectors in the city. Starting with manufacturing as Nissin will be making their very first plant, the field of construction for the development of malls, condominium and hotels, and the biggest investment of the Aboitiz Corporation for their contribution of more energy loads with their coal power plant.

     Knowing these facts not only helps our fellow Dabawenyo’s but it creates investors confidence to the foreign ones who would like a taste of the golden treasures of Davao as the sector of agriculture continues to flourish for a continues supply to the neighbouring countries of Japan, Middle east, and China. The symbols of progress will intensify the city’s ranking to a higher pace accompanied by good governance and a community of people who work in harmony and growth.

     Even though industrialization has taken entry to our humble city, people have maintained the beautiful festivities and cultural practices that made Davao unique in many traits which have allowed promoting our tourism that have made the city generate more income.

     It’s not the first though since in the past some industrial plants have been here for quite some time just like the Bacnotan Cement plant that was taken over by Holcim Philippines, RDL pharmaceutical laboratory and many others that have trusted in Davao’s resources and peaceful negotiations.

     Now with a million population the graduates and the future professionals will have a big room for job applications that will give security to their needs. The future of every Dabawenyo takes pride in this bountiful city that has been envied by many with its richness. Everyone is welcome to invest or work here in Davao.


A Young Dabawenyo’s Perspective in Business


When we talk about business during the regime of the old and vintage it has always been the adults and their opinions that have given the authority to rule their own decisions with or without the right feasibility study to prove that such suggestion or idea can lead to a successive path. Nowadays we speak of the younger generation delving to the idea that business can be handled by the younger ones at the expense of proper study, the right connection and impulsive marketing.

Being a Dabawenyo I am always proud of my roots because of the fact that Davao, my home is not only rich with its resources but by the presence of skilful and knowledgeable people who are ready to adhere changes and uplift the economy of the once sleeping giant in the south.

In the former years where we are only known as the food basket in the whole nation, the landscape has change to a brighter view since tourism and a mouthful of investors have been trusting to Davao’s capacity to handle the investments they have poured in. As pure Dabawenyo’s who have been doing business in our humble city, I have seen the growth and improvement not only in our infrastructure but also the peace and order stability of our city.

In this significant proof I have ruled out that business is doing great because the agricultural sector of our city are eyeing global export through linkages of our BIMP-EAGA partnership which will make Davao truly an economy to be competitive and progressive while staying with the atmosphere of an ideal home in which we are part of the world’s most liveable cities. A pact to my home is that being in Davao a young blood like me will be loyal and helpful to our rising economy for the future of every Dabawenyo.