Who’s who in Pinpointing faults



The tragic moments of December 9th of 2011 have been an incident no one wanted to happen. A cry of panic with the people whom ran and brought what they can only bring to safe keep their lives and their valuable things but sadly the fire have been fierce and large. Almost all of the houses near the riverside of Magallanes in barangay 1-A has been burned out to think it’s almost Christmas.


Finding the person responsible for such incident is no longer an option to find blame because what’s left of the houses was ash and dirt. Reaching more than sixty houses and around three hundred individuals were victims of the raging fire. Can you find fault in any of them? It may be an accident but it could have been saved if prevention and the necessary fire safety education have been taught to everyone in this community.


The firemen and all paramedics were fast and ready for action until the fire was out but it was delayed due to the inability to penetrate entirely in the scene of the fire due to the houses who were very much close to the road and so it was hard for the firemen to allow the truck to enter and be more responsive in the elimination of fire.


I truly believe that it is not a sin being born impoverished but anyone in this world is responsible to make gains for oneself so that you should not be dependent amongst charity or whatever donation given, before you can at least find a new home that is safe from this kind of situation. Having to live in much closed spaces with house materials made out of wood will be a hazard not only to you but the whole neighbourhood. It is up to you to find ways how to relocate yourself no matter how far you are from urban grounds yet living in rural places will be a key to your safety then it will be a good compromise.


Remember the local government did not fail to address your needs the same with the fire troops who have sworn for their lives for the civilians safety so make yourself responsible and don’t find faults because everyone can be the victim or the suspect at the same time.