Greener and Richer



     Mining has been the gargantuan investment to hit most of the provinces of Mindanao yet Davao has stayed in the foray of agriculture, export, and many other industrial businesses to cater the growth of the metro city of the south. The city has proven its capacity to earn much without the need for mining as the reserves of the goldmines of Davao as suggested by the vice-mayor will be for the future of the locals, at the same time the whole city should benefit the income from such money generating mineral.

     Considering that mining is a reserved investment it’s good to know that Davao has been very impulsive in promoting the greener practices to preserve the environment and its people. Upon knowing that our city mayor is eager to develop together with the councilors in looking into the options of the waste to energy plant suggested by a German firm is such a relief because again and again we can maintain the cleanliness of Davao which is found to be incomparable to our neighboring cities.

     The urbanization and the increase of the population is the signal that long term remedies to solid waste are addressed in a macro scale. In this technology the desired goal is to recycle and conversion, so waste from the households can be converted through energy since the solid waste generates methane emissions that can be transformed to electricity. Looking at this scenario is a win-win for both parties as waste is decreased and reinforce to something useful for the whole city however this cannot be done without the participation of everyone so the strict measures of CENRO should be followed in garbage segregation as biodegradable waste are the only ones that can be used for the machine to secrete methane gas. Along with these developments the rich resources are reserved for the future while the green practices will make the future of the city cleaner and livable.