New Beginnings


     Taking a gaze back of the events that happened for 2011 creates a mixed emotion to all of us. From the catastrophic moments of the Matina Aplaya flood, demolition of houses for the informal settlers, fires in different barangays, Panama Disease that may kill the banana export and a thousand deaths from the victims of the Sendong typhoon in Cagayan and Ilagan.

     True enough it is a sad story for our brothers in Mindanao but it’s not everything that happened because the tragedies and unprecedented phenomenon’s creates a reaction to the majority where the virtue of hope is the solution for new beginnings.

     Looking at the bright side for Davao and Mindanao it has shown outstanding growth as the management of the local government especially with the leadership of Mayor Inday Sara and Vice-Mayor Rody Duterte, the confidence of investors to pour in their money for Mindanao’s growth have been abrupt in which sudden changes in the city can be seen. Starting with the Ayala-Floirendo Abreeza Mall, SM Ecoland Expansion, SM Lanang, Aboitiz Power Plant, D’Leonor Inland Resort and a bunch of local investors have been constructing Hotels as the tourists are taking a look at the beauty and richness of Davao.

     The industrialization of Davao marks a signal in the south that Mindanao will be booming more this year 2012 because resources are utilize at its best for development and income generation in lieu to the mining industry that has been a billion dollar investment that will keep our economy a boost. Let those sad memories of the past year be left behind while sighting for greener pasteur as new challenges for gains and rebirth will be around.