A Center of Excellence



     Davao being the premier city of the south has not only change in the landscape of infrastructure and business investments notably this city is not only progressing in the sector of politics and private firms but becoming the melting pot of a mixed culture who wanted excellent standards in education as universities have been slowly growing its population with students coming from the nearby provinces.


    For the past years the colleges and universities have been perfecting their curriculum while also adding new courses that can be a good option for every individual who want to be professionals in their chosen fields.


     Naming some of the schools that are very familiar to the society include Ateneo de Davao University, Philippine Women’s College of Davao, University of Mindanao, Holy Cross College of Davao, Davao Doctors College, San Pedro College, University of the Immaculate Concepcion and many more. The schools whom you thought would not offer the course you wanted because it turned out to be a school for health professionals have been transcending to courses that are much in demand such as HRM and Seafarers.


     The varying demands have allowed the schools to focus on the needs of the young dreamers for them to succeed in their endeavours and become the leaders or contributors that can initiate a great impact of progress not only for themselves, but for the whole country.


     Gladly the teachers have been well provided in their needs the same with the students to have a more conducive environment in learning their subjects by ensuring new infrastructures that can cater the needs of the students including air conditioned classrooms, visual projectors, and big halls to accommodate the whole population with seminars on improvement to whatever course they belong.


     Now parents would need not worry in the education that schools in Davao can provide for they no longer necessitate to go to Manila since the center of excellence is already been here all along ready to accommodate the needs of the young Mindanawon’s in fulfilling their goals and actualizing their dreams for better life and a brighter future.